Enforcing Judgments and Purchasing
Background Checks for Corporation Entities
Credit Report Repairs and Dispute Resolution
Process Services

Judgment Data & Recovery

Established 1994, Nanuet, NY.

The Services We Offer

1. Collection and Execution of Judgments (Not Debts)-when judgment is rendered in New York State or the judgment debtor lives in New York State. (Buying Judgment of same terms.)

2. Verification, investigation and cross-data to advise and protect potential investors and business ventures from scams and fraud and checking background and financial history. 

3. Repairing Credit and Credit Reports-past defaults and blemishes, creditors violations in reporting, and unresolved disputes.
4. Assisting and consulting in protecting individuals and corporations from enforcement and execution of judgments and debt by law enforcement and the courts.
5. Process server services for the legal field and for the individual needs in a way that no future dispute can be raised by the served parties, avoiding future challenges to the judgment jurisdictional issues.

Our legal consultants are:

The firm of M.J. Canter, Esq.
Nanuet, NY.

Contact Us:

The Acquirer ,119 Rockland Center, Suite 331, Nanuet, NY 10954-2964

P.O. Box 204, Spring Valley, NY 10977

Phone- 1-845-356-1302, Fax- 1-845-356-0566

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at jcare@the-acquirer.com