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We use different databases to network the information that we receive, in order to verify the data. We make sure to check numerous databases, and to interlace the data, in order to guarantee that we have obtained the largest amount of information possible. We criss-cross all of the information that we receive in order to reveal whether the subject is as presented.

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To verify the corporation or business, wherein in addition to looking forensically at the history of the business we look into how the business is really managing with its creditors, suppliers, and vendors and then we criss-cross the information with its credit rating and its ability to borrow money and to maintain its current business structure and format.




We have three tiers of pricing. One is a very basic verification of all public records to see any red flags concerning the corporation. Second tier is a forensic and in-depth data mining, concerning the history and the current financial personal legal affairs of the corporation in question. The third tier verifies and advises the currency and strength of that business for the future.

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