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We are a registered establishment in Rockland County, State of New York. We run a legal operation wherein we retain a legal team that functions within the perimeters of the Judicial Court System all over New York State.

If you have won a judgment, and it was not satistfied, this service is for you. We know how difficult it is for an individual to collect, and the longer the debt goes uncollected, the harder it is to collect.

If the judgment debtor does not pay willingly, it is almost impossible to collect the judgment conventionally. Sheriffs and marshals do not find debtor's assets; they will execute only if you can provide them with the unreachable assets information. Here is where we come in, and in most cases, WE FIND DEBTOR'S LOCATION AND ASSETS, which enables the Sheriff to execute. This is our profession, no layman can replace us. We do not make collection phone calls or write letters. We search to recover seizable assets which are often hidden and undisclosed upon first glance. We then process it in order for the Sheriff to execute. We are not replacing debt collection agencies, or competing with them, we pursue what they do not, and delve where they have no authority to enforce payment of the money you deserve.

If the information concerning your judgment is correct and valid, we beleive we can recover the monie due on the judgment, from your debtor, under a contract by assignment only, (documents prepared by us), in order to administer the redemption of the monies lawfully and professionally, but at NO COST or responsibility on your part. When we deliver, we deduct our portion.

Once we proceed with your judgment, we will notify the court, and have it recorded, so you will no longer be involved in our procedures, nevertheless you will enjoy monetary satisfaction.

Our credentials are recorded in the county records, since each time we collect, we issue a satisfaction of judgment. Upon visiting the County Clerk's office and browsing through the court records, you can find many satisfactions of judgment signed by The Acquirer, which means we recovered the judgment and the creditor was paid.


Since we have the capacity and capability to find debtors and assets, and we can facilitate post-judgment legal proceedings, we can exercise it by either offering it to the client as a service, or offering to buy judgments off of a client. When we buy a judgment, the client does not have to deal with it anymore, but the owner of the judgment still benefits from the profits.

We buy judgments, depending on certain conditions. The judgment must be rendered in New York State or the judgment debtor must live in New York State. After evaluation, we are willing to buy the judgment at the estimated value of collection. We must determine whether or not the judgment is valid and executionable. If the risks are too high, we will not buy the judgment, but we might try to collect on the creditor's behalf. We will buy individual judgments and/or batches of judgments, providing that the judgments were rendered in New York State or the judgment debtors live in New York State.

For further information and inquiries, please feel free to call us at 1-845-356-1302 or 1-800-348-4545, or email us at jcare@the-acquirer.com