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In 2008, New York State's Attorney General Andrew Cuomo indighted one of the largest Process Servers corporations in New York State and co-conspirators in “gutter services” which means the process was dumped instead of being served on debtors or defendants. When an affidavit was filled out and signed under oath the process was made though the defendant never had a chance to defend himself and a judgment was rendered against him. Most of the time, the violation is on the defendants part. He was served properly by any of the options CPLR provides, he denies it, process server is for some reason not available to counter the defendants claims in a case after years of being revoked or vacated unjustifiably. The Acquirer group is offering a different approach – which would guarantee the litigant and the attorney’s clients, not just a clear proof that process was served but sufficient proof to fend off any future challenges to the service. Our servers are comprised of a team of two; one serves and describes what he does to a recording system, while the other takes continual pictures of the location in reference to the street, a knock at the door identifies it as the home or workplace of the debtor and when someone receives the process, it’s either the defendant himself, or another person of suitable age and discretion, he will be photographed and recorded identifying himself. In case we fail to deliver directly to the defendent, and are forced to resort to "Nail and Mail" the "Nail" would be attached to the door with an adhesive see-through envelope so the defendent will be able to see it and recognize it as a service and a photograph of this "Nail" will be provided as well. Then the Affidavit of Service will be issued and executed by the process server. In this case we all know that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. As judgment enforcers, our ability to verify a place of abode or place of employment enables us to execute this service at a specific location rather than in error wherein the defendant cannot be served, thus rendering the service null and void. The Acquirer believes it offers the optimum process service in compliance with the CPLR. We work under the auspices of our law firm, in the event that an issue or doubt arises regarding the circumstances and the requirements of the process served.



The cost comprised of two parts: the main service, which is either one service to an individual, or two unsuccessful attempts. Any extra attempt is an extra fractional additional cost, calculating the same mileage as the sherrif’s department charges.



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