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As part of our Judgment Enforcement, we deal with Credit Reports and its analization. Credit reports indicate the last seven years of borrowers financial behaviour. This is the period of time that establishes not just financial history but helps to reflect and to focus on financial future. Late payment to a lender or a creditor is indicative that you are not as reliable as the lender thought. Where there are blemishes on the report such as defaulting on a loan, charge-offs, and other severe defaults in your contractual agreement with your lenders is a red flag for new lenders not to consider you as a reliable and capable borrower which simply locks you out of any future lending harming your personal finances and your business finances.


As a result of waves of defaults and handling so many borrowers, many lenders err in reporting and collecting those debts. Many times, whether intentionally or unintentionally, they violate the law by either incorrectly reporting your status or by reporting it once a mistake or an oversight took place, hoping that you won’t find it and the threat of the credit report forces you to at least settle on their terms (to their favor). Federal and state laws protect you, the debtor, and legislated laws, that prevent and in the alternative, penalize, creditors and lenders when they violate the law to secure their debts, although this is done at your expense, beyond the requirement of the contractual agreement between the two parties. This matter has to be analyzed carefully and then disputed with the lender then the credit bureaus and as a last resort, is litigated in Federal or State courts. As judgment enforcers, we have the knowledge of the abuse and the violation of the law by lenders and creditors, and we believe we have the knowledge and experience to fight off those creditors and to correct your credit report within the law to be able to enjoy credit again.



We charge individually per negative item on the credit report. A deposit of $75 must be paid in advance. Once we take the negative item off the credit report a $200 fee must be paid to complete the correcting of one item and so on to the discretion of the client requiring the repair. the client can decide if we should continue to clear the whole credit report or just the specific items you would be interested in.



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